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[News] Newbie Guide

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Posted: 02 Jul 2015 15:50

Hi Warlords!

Let’s visit official website for more information about Conquest 3 Kingdoms Mobile!

Here’s the newbie guide:

1.) Resource

  • Worship

Worship is the easiest way to get a huge resource. When get level up, player will gain free worship depends on level. Player also can get free worship from daily login.

  • Market

Player can buy several item on market such wood, food, iron and recruit order using silver. There are limited amount to have chance buy on market.

  • Black Market

Player can exchange resource such using 3 essential ingredients such food, wood and silver.

  • Coupon

With coupon player can buy several item special such equip sketch, building sketch or other item. Coupon only can get by join cross server events.

  • Blacksmith

Blacksmith is a place to get more iron to increase your Armory power.

2.) General

  • General

Player can check each General here to set the equip and check the ability.

  • Tavern

-- General

Player only can recruit general on Tavern to switch any general that player needed. Each General have a unique ability and skill, choose wisely to help player to conquer the world.

-- Strategies

Strategies is a feature to support player during war with different ability. Strategies function is to disturb an enemy during battle.

  • Feast

Feast is a free recovery to get full health and troops on each general. Feast has a maximum 6 times and will recover 1 times every 4 hours.

  • Prison

Catch the enemy and put them in prison ! Player can capture prisoners during battle and get benefits a huge EXP with it. Remember, more high level your enemy to be captured, more huge amount of EXP that player can get. Player can use Sketch to open Prison feature.

3.) Nation

  • Nation

Nation is a status about your nation level and your enemy aswell. There a 2 function which is training and upgrade your level nation. Only officer can use that function.

  • Task

Everyday, there are 3 nation task that player must join to defend or conquer territory. Nation task will be held randomly to give a challenge for Nation to have a better respond and set up the strategies.

4.) Equip

  • Shop

Buy equip to get better status for each generals and reach certain level to active new equip. There are 6 grade equip which is white, blue, green, yellow, red, and the highest is purple.

  • Warehouse

Warehouse is to a place to store player equipments and items.

  • Buyback

Player can buyback an items that already sold with limited time. Item will permanent dissapear after several time.

  • Refine

Refine is the best way to improve player equipments and each equipments can have different ability. More higher your grade equipment, more better the ability level player can get.

5.) Tech

The main function of Tech is to improve all ability with some condition. Tech will open after player finish the Map and Tech is already done activated. Tech can improve several ability for example :

• General can bring more 1 row troops.

• When player do Worship will get more resources.

• During battle, General get EXP +50%.

• Merit Rank can get Iron.

• etc

6.) Rank

  • Merit Rank

Everyday, system will reset Merit Rank and will give reward to who can get better Rank. More higher Rank General can get, more better reward can get. Merit Rank also can give a huge benefit to each player from opening chest. Player can gain point to open the chest from defeat enemy soldier, last hit and conquer city, contribute on battle, or assist another player.

  • Title

There are several title that player can achieve including became the King to rule the Nation. The other Title such Prime Minister, War Minister, General, Royal Tutor and some of Officer title. Exclusive title have a special Order to help during war.

  • Challenge

Challenge is a total Duel with enemy which player already achieve. If player achieve on some number, player can get reward EXP.

  • City Rank

Similar with Challenge, City Rank is total number of player that Conquer the city. If player achieve on some number, player can get reward EXP.

7.) Armory

  • Armory

Armory can give a status ATK, DEF and Troops using Iron. This is a place that you only spend the Iron.

  • Gem

Gem is other feature that can help to improve status ATK, DEF and Troops. The different from Armory is the Gem only can get from World and other Feature.

42 reply
Posted: 02 Jul 2015 16:21

uda dibuka belum ?

Posted: 02 Jul 2015 20:35

belum di buka ini, di playstore gak ada

Posted: 05 Jul 2015 11:47

bisa di download tapi ga bisa dimainin

Posted: 06 Jul 2015 14:59

@Adiathya, Tegar, j1ju77, dan j1ju77: Hi everyone, C3K Mobile is now available to download, but the server will be opened on July 7th 2015 12 PM (GMT+7). You can download the apk from this link:

Hope you enjoy our game~! Thank you.. :) :)

Posted: 06 Jul 2015 20:59

piye nk maim ki...?

Posted: 13 Jul 2015 13:43

buat newbie yah tuh ?

Posted: 13 Jul 2015 15:33

@watiwatem: Iyah, kak.. Bisa dipelajari dulu kak.. :) Bila ada yang tidak dimengerti, silakan ditanya kak.. :)

Posted: 20 Jul 2015 15:51

Buka armory gimana yakkk? W lvl 54 armory blm bs dibuka

Posted: 28 Aug 2015 23:44

ayo maen