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FIFA 20 set to be built on solid foundations

Posted: 05 May 2019 13:26

FIFA titles make incremental improvements over the years – it’s rare to see one massively change the formula, and FIFA has been in a pretty stable state for the best part of a decade now. If you’ve played a recent edition, you’ll be able enjoy the latest one, with a few months work needed to master its new systems. FIFA is in a good place then, with FIFA 20 set to be built on solid foundations – but that’s not to say we can’t look forward to some improvements. Here’s a handful of things we’d like to see changed.

Virtual reality is experiencing a meteoric rise. The latest technological gadgets are the proof, especially the Playstation headsets of virtual reality. But his insertion in FIFA is far from being recorded, especially since it would have consequences on the start of the game, already the target of many critics. Nevertheless, it is not excluded that this technology is introduced in order to improve the atmosphere by having for example players near the stands for the moment, because it is almost certain that FIFA can not remain on the sidelines of the the magnitude of virtual reality in video games.

FIFA 19's renovated kick-off mode was marketed as some sort of unprecedented innovation, but those of us who have been with the series for long enough know better than that. While the ability to play matches with your mates under ridiculous stipulations such as 'only headers count' and 'survival mode' is a definite improvement, it's basically just a diluted rehash of lounge mode, which was inexplicably removed from FIFA 12 onwards. Best and Cheapest Player Auction 2.0 For Sale -

For some of us, a FIFA session with your mates just hasn't been the same since. It set up a lobby, where everyone playing would register, so it tracked head-to-head records and created a mini league table. More importantly, every win would earn you points, which could be spent on perks to make your future games easier. You could enforce two or three goal handicaps on other players, you could half the attributes of your pals' star man, and loads of other fun stuff. It was so dearly loved that there was even a short-lived petition to bring it back for FIFA 18.

This is a certainty as online downloads take precedence over manual game purchases. In this context, EA executives are leaning much more heavily on subscription to the game. According to Matt Bilbey, Executive Vice President of strategic growth at EA, the introduction of a subscription service is a certainty. Nevertheless, it remains to be decided on the date of its execution and the tariff. Thus, the players will be able to register for an unlimited offer of one year but will be able to benefit from the updates only by prolonging their subscription. Among all these novelties, some will become a reality in a few months, and others not, according to the innovations that will have decided to bring the leaders that EA. Anyway, there will certainly be matter to dream, like each new version of the game. So it is with impatience that we expect FIFA 20!

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