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New Update 4.1.5 - The Great Emperor of Wu

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Posted: 30 Oct 2018 16:38

The Great Emperor of Wu

Greetings Warlords!

Prepare yourself for the New Update "The Great Emperor of Wu" This update will be held on Oct 30th, 2018 (17:00 GMT+8). There are several updates to improve our game

1. Lv 6th Kingdom
• The Six-Level Dynasty Battle, the country's experience was the same as before, experience will not increased if you didn’t pass the stage.
• Participating Condition: level 130 or above
• The Six-Level Dynasty battle will open when you rise a 9.2 treasure
• The Six-Level Dynasty Speciality: Open individual army (available for 4 categories or above)
• The Six-Level Dynasty Medal: The victory banquet is awarded, after use can be put in the suit, inlaid in the already decorated suit, the original medal is replaced by the replacement medal.

2. Tenth Treasure
• Requirements
Tenth Treasure - The sceptre of the emperor, restored the treasure and obtained the effect of king's: After the battle, according to the current enemy and my treasure gap, kill the enemy 1-3 soldiers, there is a cooling round.e

3. New General SunQuan

• Open new stage and raise the level limit to 205.
• Passive Skill: 【Balance】
• Before our opponent and the enemy's tactics collide, if the enemy's blood volume is higher than our troops, it will be launched. After the launch, the two sides will be leveled. The two sides will add a shield and the enemy will be injured. If there are other shields on this line of troops, we will not start.
• Balances are among the other passives with the lowest priority, injured first to trigger balance.
• Auto Skill: Power to Own The World

4. Huang Yueying Awakening
Awakening Condition: after awakened lubu, can continue to awakened Huang Yueying.
Awakening Effect
• [Full terrain effect]
• Can never change to low mode
• Plain-city terrain effect
• On plains or on city terrains, armored chariots give a mechanical shield
• The blood bar of the mechanical shield is calculated according to the mode of the chariot (small damage buckle durable, big damage armor broken).
• mechanical shield durable, armor and sunder armor, and chariots, slightly less than the chariots

5. New City Reconstruction
• Reconstruction phase[Residential → farmland → barracks → mine field]
After the reconstruction fixed production can be carried out and each new star will receive a reward.

6. Optimization

7. New Events

5 reply
Posted: 07 Nov 2018 11:28

Saya mau tanya mimin,, ini game fair nggak? Masa cebong2 di negara shu s60 baru main kemarin level unyu2 sdh awaken zhoutai,, saya main dari s60 baru buka sampe skrg zhuge nggak mau awaken trus ganning juga nggak awaken.. ini game fair nggak mimin an-jing? By Legenda s60

Posted: 12 Nov 2018 08:58

Ini game sampah,, miminnya nggak pake otak! Masa lawan sudah awaken zhoutai ama lubu sbentar lagi mungkin awaken huangyueying semua,, masa saya zhuge juga blum2 awaken? Go-blok benar dh si mimin!

Posted: 12 Nov 2018 09:04

Gimana caranya rekrut zhurong kalo awaken_ zhuge ama ganning failed smua? Blum lagi ntar mau awaken_ lubu ama zhoutai tai? Mikir dong mimin be-go!

Posted: 16 Nov 2018 20:09

Mau tanya nih masa cebong di s1 yang baru bikin level 87, udah bisa recurt si zhou tai sama zhou yun.

Gi mana caranya min saya mau tau???

Senior S14 Ganing /Web 2015

Posted: 02 Apr 2020 10:37

The blood bar of the mechanical shield is calculated according to the mode of the chariot (small damage buckle durable, big damage armor broken). I'm glad that they made changes regarding this one. bowmasters download pc - a bow and arrow shooting game on PC