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[News] New Update 3.9.5 - Wagon System

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Posted: 16 Jul 2018 18:37


Greetings Warlords!

Update 25/7/18:
Dear Warlords,

Regarding of LuBu awaken, we want to let you know that since yesterday LuBu awaken is no longer available and hidden for temporary. We do this because LuBu actually is not schedule to open with current version and will be reschedule to next update. If there is player already try awaken or click awaken, all progress including status will be saved and after LuBu awaken is available, all Warlords will continue from last progress (25/7/18). We are very sorry for inconvenience cause.

Prepare yourself for the New Update "Wagon System" This update will be held on July 17th, 2018 (17:00 GMT+8). There are several updates to improve our game

1. Limit Level LV.200
• New Map QiShan, at the same time in this MAP can recruit Huang Yue Ying.
• Battle method: Achieve brilliant records, attack 4 row
• Effect: when the huge siege machine moves forward, hits the 4th row, then explodes, will cause damage to the first 4 rows

1.Combat Mode
Switch siege weapon mode according to Troops/ HP volume
High mode: when the amount of Troops/ HP is above the limit
Low mode: when the amount of Troops/ HP is below the limit, it only attacks 1 row and attacks increase

2. Terrain Adjustment
• Normal Terrain: Switching mode has higher Troops/ HP volume, arrow splash 1 row
• City Terrain ATK: Switching mode has lower Troops/ HP volume, arrow splash 3 row
• City Terrain DEF: Same as Normal

3. Relationship with other generals
• Arrow Splash can penetrate through Cao Ren shield
• Can't be charmed by Diao Chan

2. LuBu Awaken
• Requirements
After awaken Zhuge Liang, LuBu will have option to upgrade

LuBu awaken skill
• Unbeatable

• Pursue

• Heaven Halberd

3. Wagon System
• Wagon Tech
MAP 183 defeat Xu Huang will unlock Wagon technology [build war wagon]

After research is completed, Wagon system will be unlock

• Wagon effects are as follows
Blazing Fire: special skill name: catching fire, effect: when battle, there is a probability to activate fire, causing damage to the first four rows of enemies.

• Wagon Attribute

- Different attribute, different scopes of action
- Attack, defense, HP and other basic attributes, apply to all
- Core attribute, apply to all generals
- Firepower and other special attributes that will apply to all row of generals
- Special skill that will apply to all row of the tank

4. LuBu Feast
ZhaoYun Feast now changed to LuBu Feast, the reward stay same and not changed.

5. New Events
• Iron Sacrifices
Only players who have opened the wagon feature can see the sacrifices activities.

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Posted: 30 Jul 2018 18:00

Min vip gede dipersulit awaken ya

Posted: 08 Aug 2018 01:29

Mimin Togel, Kapan saya bisa upgrade LuBu? By: Legenda (Wei S60)