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Star Stage History says In the match instead of View.

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Posted: 31 Oct 2017 17:12

Guys, when I checked my Star Stage History, one of them says "In the match". Well, first I ws already matched with someone, but then before I could even pick a theme, my device suddenly turned off because of 0% battery. Then, when I opened the game again, I check my Star Stage History and next to my opponent's name, instead of a "View" button, it shows a text saying "In the match". The number of matches I had didn't add up, at the time I already had 20 matches, and it didn't add up to 21. Done 4 more matches, and it shows 24/35 for Honor Reward instead of 25/35, because of the one match. Is there a way to fix it? I don't want to have 34/35 for Honor Reward...I also don't want to waste my Star Stage Tickets!!!

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