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[News] New Update - Awakening Treasure

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Posted: 31 Oct 2017 16:57


Greetings Warlords!

Prepare yourself for the New Update "Awakening Treasure" This update will be held on November 1st, 2017 (17:00 GMT+8). There are several updates to improve our game

1. Treasure 5 – Caesar Crown
• After completing the 4th Treasure (Damascus Blade), player may get Caesar Crown from Silk Path

• Collecting the fragments will get buff bonus and after completing the treasure, will get special treasure skill and may add 1 extra General to the Battle.

2. Army

• Activate kingdom Lv.4 phase 1 [Burn DongYing], completing the mission and gain victory to activate [Army] feature. King may use this feature once a day and player with Lv.50 and above may donate duplicates and each duplicate will have special skill depend on the God Weapon level activated, such as: Assault, duel, etc

3. Treasure Trader
• New issue may appear while collecting for fragments

• New Issue: 1 click in every 5 secs will get 1 treasure fragment

• Treasure Trader divided into 3 types of treasure, after getting the frags of [Activate Treasure], player may get the corresponding treasure frags. And on the same time activate 3 treasure buff, pls note that buff from Sea Silk and Silk path may not active on the same time

• May get treasure frags from treasure frags issue

• Treasure will be active after user collected all frags needed

• Player need to activate the treasure based on order.

4. Call. Form System

• Activated after kingdom reach Lv.2

• Only King and Grade 1 may use this feature

• 1 Chance per day

• Only used during the Nation War

• Use on any city under fire and contain ally troop

• Last for 15 minutes

• Host detail:

• 1 chance per day

• Every minute will deter the enemy once and opponent’s random duplicate may betray and become our ally.

• Countdown will stop at every exact 1 min and will continue counting after releasing skill

• May release on the before skill, special buff, catapult, etc

• Accepting the call

• Only the being called party can accept (no matter ATK or DEF)

• 2 times daily, can’t accumulate

• Battle with the shadow of the Host, 30 secs to prepare for battle

• Battle won’t affect the general in the world map

• Accept and succeed on the battle will become the Host, and won’t consume daily chance (Max 3 times as a host daily)

5. Field Modification

- Bet Map Lv.171 for the 2nd time will activate field modification system. If player haven’t completed modification for earlier feature, then won’t be able to modify field

  • Player may get modification fragments from Merit Rank Reward

  • After modifying the 1st building in the field, players are free to chose the next building to modify, each building may have special buff. After modifying all building in the field will get special buff and get food income multiplier for 7 days.

    6. New Auto Battle Mode

  • After reaching lv.150 and completing Auto Battle tech, Auto battle color and feature in the world map will change and 2 new mode will appear in world map.

    7. Relent General Mode

  • Player may relent and reduce general number who join battle according to their own power, each 1 relent in previous round will give user a buff in the next round of tournament. Max 30 stack buff.

    8. Awaken Equip Set

  • After reaching level 185 activate extermination, collecting 5 Extreme Equip Set, and finish Caesar Crown will activate awaken equip set. (Since update 3.6.0 - BANDIT OF THE COLORED SAILS, the requirement level minimum to open awaken equip set is following max level cap. If max level cap is 195, the minimum level is 195)

  • After reaching 3 requirements needed, exp gained after level capped will converts to upg stone. Each time EXP gained reach full bar, will get 1 upg stone. Clicking on the Upg stone icon in the world map may randomly give upg stone.

  • Player may use gem, exp and silk pouch to prepare for forging the Equip sets. Ouyezi smith will ask for resources needed each time completing the previous forging. 

2 reply
Posted: 31 Oct 2017 20:26

makin edyan top up nya ntar,, mantab min...lanjutkan

Posted: 31 Oct 2017 21:47

awas eror kebiasaan eror pasca update min.