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[News] New Update The Grand Marshal

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Posted: 27 Sep 2017 19:29

New Update - The Grand Marshal

Greetings Warlords!

Prepare yourself for the New Update "The Grand Marshal" This update will be held on September 28th, 2017 (17:00 GMT+8). There are several updates to improve our game

1. Map Lv.185

  • Map Lv.185 “DEF FanCheng”, beat and recruit CaoRen

  • While defending, will get power boost

  • Auto block high DMG attack

    2. Awaken XiaHouDun

  • Requirement: After awaken Zhouyu, upgrade XiaHouDun to purple grade and level above 120.

  • Awaken effect 1: Each attack hitting enemies, the up front row ally will get 1 special buff, buff will increase DMG to enemy, max 5 stack. Effect 2: Each attack hitting enemies will decrease the DMG caused by the up front row enemy, max 5 stack.

  • Final Upgrade: Chance to block enemy skill and boost BRV and LDR stats

    3. New Events : Apricot Feast

  • Requirement: Player with awaken system activated

  • Detail: During event, consuming different kind of wine will get massive amount of upg wine reward.

  • How to play:

A) Each time consuming a wine will get upg wine reward

B) Each time consuming a wine will reduce the endurance (may vary depends on the wine type), after reaching 0 will need recover before continuing the feast.

C) Each time reaching 10/15/25 glass will get massive upg wine reward

Note: Player may purchase special tea to recover and continuing the feast.

5 reply
Posted: 28 Sep 2017 11:07

Min.....sebaiknya kl update tu siang aja. Kl ada error gak perlu lembur sampai malam. Hahahaaaa....

Posted: 28 Sep 2017 15:56


awas error lagi setelah update

Posted: 28 Sep 2017 16:33

even lantern min blm di perbaiki...

Posted: 29 Sep 2017 00:48

Armory error..nggak bisa leveling, perbaiki ya

Posted: 10 Oct 2017 16:29

Hari ini 10 okt 2017 gak bisa login mulai 16.00 wib. Tolong cepat perbaiki min...