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[BUG] Private Teacher Craft Event

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Posted: 13 Aug 2017 19:55

Hello.The skirt from this set (which costs 7 schoolbags to redeem) is not showing any avatar whatsoever in the redeem page, not to mention, after I actually redeemed it, it's NOT showing in my fitting room's "bottom" lists.I highly suggest other players to avoid redeeming the bottom part of this quest until the admin actually do something about it.Dear admin, kindly re-test for bugs before launching a new event... seriously.... and please do something with ones that already occurred. ( I see lots of unanswered technical issues and disappointed players below my forum post which makes me think whether directly emailing for support is a better option to actually get your attention )

Thank you for not disappointing your players (hopefully)

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Posted: 14 Aug 2017 19:48

Dear admin, Today I saw that the avatar of the skirt is actually showing (THANK YOU! I guess someone must've read the forum?). As I've already finished mine, I cannot redo the quest somehow. The problem is : it is still NOT showing the object in my fitting room even though it is marked as "collected" in the event list......Could you please do something about it?


Posted: 02 Oct 2017 23:00

Absen dan even nya admin ko nill tolong dong di perbaiki , tq min

Posted: 06 Nov 2017 18:49

Min knapa event yg rain setiap dapet pelangi ilang tolong dong kembaliin pelangina ada mungkin 10 lebih ilang :(