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[Event] Resurrection of the Veteran

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Posted: 02 Jun 2017 16:27

Resurrection of the Veteran

Targeted User Requirements (Data taken until 31st May 2017 00:00 GMT +8):

1. Player that had been inactive for more than 7 days when the event starts

2. Player that had logged in at least once in 2017

3. Player with level 100 or above

Event Duration:2 – 8 June 2017

Special Return Gift

Detail:During event, player that suits all criteria needed will get special gift when they’re back into the game
Gift Details:

1、 EXP Gift:10% of EXP needed to Level up * Churned Days(Max 30 days)

2、 Bonus EXP buff:EXP Gained*200%(Last for 7 days)

3、 Resource Gift(Claim Daily):1000K Food、1000K Silver、1000K Wood、50 Recruit Order、50 Iron Scroll

Any Rechage Reward

Detail:Player that get back to the game and do purchase for any amount during event, will get special reward when event ended
Reward:500 Gold、1000 Gem Lv.1、300000 Iron

VIP Special Reward

Detail:Player that return to the game will get special reward according to their char all time recharge history amount.

Accumulative Recharge

Detail:Accumulative recharge during event reach certain denomination will get Gold bonus

7 Days Active Reward

Detail:During event system will collect user active data, when event ended player will get reward.
※ Everyday during event, player need to re log in to the game at least for 2 times, system won’t collect data if users stay online without re log to the game and might not get active reward.
Reward:Food10Million、Gem Lv.1 *500、Iron *200K、Upg Wine10

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