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[Event] Dragon Boat Special Event

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Posted: 29 May 2017 11:05

Dragon Boat Special Event

1. Offline Daily Accumulative Recharge Bonus (29-31 May 2017)

Player may get Reward when daily recharge accumulation reach certain denomination. If the recharge accumulation achieved is through VIP Transfer BCA & Mandiri, player will get bonus rewards.

For example if player recharge in total 5000 Gold with VIP Transfer BCA & Mandiri, player will get

But if player use other channel, player will only get

Please Note:

1. Even Reset Daily

2. All reward will be send MANUALLY at 1st of June 2017

3. Player that haven’t achieve requirement to open gem, metal bar or silk feature will still get the reward and player can see the reward after the feature is activated in the game progression.

2.Daily Login Reward

Player can only claim the reward on the same day, if player didn’t logged in on that day, player can’t claim the reward on the next day.

3. Dragon Boat Event (30th May 2017)

Requirement: Player that had activated World MapDetail:During event, player may recruit oarsman from World Map, after that player may join Dragon boat event, the further distance the boat sail, the more rewards player will get! Player may get special treasure reward on the Final phase of the competition!
※ Competition Phase

1. Practice:Daily 09:00AM-09:00PM (GMT+8),start anytime, limit 3 times/day and each time will last for 3 minutes

2. Final:Night 09:45PM (GMT+8),starts eventually, 1 competition and last for 10 minutes, all player from the same server may join the competition.

※ Build the team

1. During event, oarsman will appear 10 times in the World Map, each time will get 1 oarsman;

2. Max limit 16 oarsmen, and at least need 10 oarsman to join the competition;

3. Player can purchase oarsman with gold, the more oarsman you have, the faster the boat will sail;

4. After the finale ended, oarsman will disappear.
※ Information

1. Rewards may differ by the distance of the boat had sailed;

2. Player may use certain item to boost the distance;

3. Player might encounter some obstacle during the sail and need to wipe the obstacle before moving forward.


1. During practice player may get reward according to NPC rank that they compete with;

2. Finale, after competition ended player may get reward depending on the Rank and also special Treasure Reward;

3. Chest reward may vary depending player’s level;

4. While opening chest reward, player may get 2x, 4x or 10x critical multiplier. If player didn’t claim the reward, system will auto claim for player.

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