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[Event] Cross Server Tournament

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Posted: 17 Apr 2017 15:48

Greetings Warlords!

This is the time to prove your strength on "Cross Server Tournament" Event !


18th April 2017 - 20th April 2017 19:00 (GMT +8 )


20th April 2017 - 24th April 2017 20:00 (GMT +8 )


S1 - S68


Minimum Level : 90

1. Tournament last in 3 days

2. 1st Day Qualification: Get top 16 players

3. 2nd Day: Top 16 to Semi-Final (Best of 3)

4. 3rd Day: Semifinal and Final (Best of 5)

5. Top 16 players will get treasure reward.

6. If player is offline during tournament, system will auto play in the tournament.

7. Eliminated player can no longer play in the tournament, but can watch and support remaining tournament contestants to get feast invitation.

8. Feast will be held after the tournament ended.

9. Top 16 player can held a Feast

10. Feast last for 1 day

11. Need 10 player to start the feast.

12. Player may get massive Coupon rewards from the feast.

13. Player that get the most players to attend the feast will be the Feast King and get special Treasure.

14. Players from the same nation and server with the Feast King will get a bonus reward.


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Posted: 23 Apr 2017 08:37

Min, cara menggunakan wine upgrade gimana?