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Internet connection issue

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Posted: 18 Dec 2016 19:24

Dear admin, i believe many players would appreciate if you can improve the connection speed of the game especially during cross server expedition. I believe this issue is not controlled by the developer right?

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Posted: 19 Dec 2016 08:53

is not the internet connection to make you lag or not able to move the screen, is the virtual cpu core they put on the server, also the virtual ram, most likely they only use one virtual core per new server and maybe 2 virtural cpu core for a bigger one.

Posted: 20 Dec 2016 15:34

Thank for your information Fung.

Then increase the number of virtual cpu core perhaps? i know maingames earns a lot from Poofboy these days :)

Posted: 29 Apr 2020 17:25

This is a common issue and a lot of people has the same problem as you have. This might be because of 2 reasons. The first one is that you have a lot of electrical devices in your house and you are using them too much, and the second one is that you may have a bad supplier with a bad tariff plan for you. Both of them can be fixed easily, try to disconnect some of your electrical devices to see the difference, and if the difference is not that big, well then you may have to change your supplier. I would recommend you to use as this is the best service for that. You will have to introduce your postal code, and they will find all the available options in your area. I am pretty sure you will be able to choose from two or three available providers.

Posted: 12 May 2020 15:57

Is this site as good as you described it?